Upgrade to 6108R or wait for 6109R?

If you have an existing Aventurin{e} 6108R and are wondering if you should YUM update it to 6108R or if you should wait for 6109R, then we have a few pointers for you that you might want to take into consideration:

Most Aventurin{e} users have very few problems with their older Aventurin{e} nodes. They just work and usually you don't fiddle with existing VPS's that often or need to create new ones that frequently. So there might be little incentive to actually upgrade. We still do recommend the upgrade of 6106R to 6108R, as the new GUI eliminates a lot of small quirks and issues. Things like the IP address allocation issue, CODB duplicate entries of Vserver objects or general CODB corruptions. The kind of quirks that used to build up on nodes that had been running for a few years with next to no downtime. The new GUI uses a hell of a lot less code than the old GUI, which means: Fewer "moving parts" and fewer things that can break and it's also faster.

An existing 6106R can be painlessly upgraded to a 6108R without affecting the VPS's. So you can safely upgrade your node without any VPS downtime.

Once 6109R on CentOS 7 comes out the only way to perform an upgrade is an OS reinstall. Which means: You would need to offload all VPS's of the existing node to another one. Then you need to do an OS restore from the 6109R CD and would have to restore the VPS's either from the backups, or need to vzmigrate them back from the node to which you temporarily offloaded them to. Either way around: This is certainly more work and will "rock the boat" in more ways than you might like.

As 6109R will use OpenVZ 7 it will also take us some time to adjust the GUI to utilize OpenVZ 7 to the fullest extend of the new capabilities that it offers. Additionally there might be initial Systemd related quirks or issues with OpenVZ 7 itself. Compared to that 6108R is rock solid and stable and should therefore remain your first choice for the time being.


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