Get Aventurin{e}

ISO images of Aventurin{e} 6109R is available on our mirror servers - free of charge. The ISO image is the preferred installation method.

Download locations: (USA) (Netherlands) Ltd (Berlin / Germany)
Solarspeed Mirror (Texas / USA)
Precision Web Hosting, Inc (California / USA)

Our ISO images are named in a way that shows the version of Aventurin{e} and the date at which the ISO was created in YYYY-MM-DD form.

Please note:

No EFI-Support: If you wish to install Aventurin{e} you need to disable EFI support in the BIOS prior to installing off the CD.

Installation instructions:

Simply download the ISO image, burn it to a DVD and boot your server off the ISO image. The install is as easy as it gets: Boot off the CD, press return in the CD boot menu and lean back. The rest of the install is fully automated. The disk(s) will get erased, partitioned and - if two disks are found - software RAID is activated. The package selection and installation is totally hands free and within 10-30 minutes (depending on the speed of your hardware) the installer will ask you to remove the CD and to perform a reboot. During the first login into your freshly installed Aventurin{e} (the login details will be shown on the login console) a shell based setup assistant is automatically started to allow you to configure the network. Once this is done, you can directly go to the GUI interface of your freshly installed Aventurin{e} and can start to create and manage OpenVZ virtual private servers.

Licensing and Terms of Usage:

Usage of Aventurin{e} implies acceptance of the Aventurin{e} License Agreement.

The free version of Aventurin{e} 6109R allows you to create and manage a single VPS. A commercial license extension needs to be purchased to unlock management ability for additional VPS's. The license extension also entitles you to commercial support.