What is Aventurin{e}?

Aventurin{e} is a Linux operating system with administrative GUI interface that can be installed on any X86 compatible hardware. It provides an intuitive browser based administration interface and allows to create and manage Linux based virtual private servers. Aventurin{e} also includes mechanisms to back up and restore virtual private servers, has a customer management and allows customers to login to the web based GUI to perform basic administration functions on their virtual private server(s). Aventurin{e} uses OpenVZ as virtualization mechanism.

What Aventurin{e} offers:

Aventurin{e} is ideal for web hosting companies and companies with their own IT infrastructure, as it allows you to utilize your existing or new server hardware to the maximum.

We designed Aventurin{e} especially with the free web hosting control panel BlueOnyx in mind. Both share the same general architecture and design of the GUI interface. Using the Aventurin{e} GUI interface you can - with just a few clicks - set up BlueOnyx 5207R, 5208R or 5209R VPS's. Of course you can also use other pre-created OS templates to create VPS's with different flavors of Linux. The most recent BlueOnyx OS templates are already included in Aventurin{e}. OS templates for older versions of BlueOnxy are also available via YUM.

Additionally Aventurin{e} helps you to improve your ability for disaster recovery. No longer do you have to provide individual backup mechanisms for each of your servers. Aventurin{e} allows you to back up (and restore!) all its virtual private servers through the GUI interface. Support for local and remote storage of backups is included.

Migrations of virtual private servers from Aventurin{e} - or from any OpenVZ or Virtuozzo host - to another can be done without downtime. It is also possible (ask for details) to import existing (physical) Linux servers as virtual private servers into Aventurin{e}.

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