Updates: 6105R Standard / Cluster ISO images

New ISO images for Aventurin{e} 6105R (Standard and Cluster) are available for download.

During the last two days we built and released new ISO images for Aventurin{e} 6105R (Standard and Cluster). They are now available for download. The new version numbers are 5.2-S6a (for Standard) and 5.2-C6a (for Cluster).

Both ISO images contain a lot of minor fixes, which have also been published to the YUM repository for download through the YUM updater.

These fixes include:

- Bugfix for cases where timezone couldn't be set correctly on the master node

- Bugfix for VPS restore from non-standard local backup locations. I.e.: locations other than /vz/backup

- Fixed a display error during initial web based setup

- Fixed a few spelling errors in the GUI.

Cluster ISO image:

The most noteable changes were made to the Aventurin{e} - Cluster ISO image. The script that configures and sets up the clustering on initial setup has been totally overhauled. The script has been made a lot more resilent and resistant to failures. This ought to make initial cluster installs a lot easier and more hassle free.

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