Aventurin{e} 6105R EOL

The CentOS 5 based Aventurin{e} 6105R is now EOL.

Although CentOS 5 is not yet EOL and won't be for some time: OpenVZ support for CentOS 5 is getting to a point where continued usage of CentOS 5 based Aventurin{e} 6105R is more of a burden than a gain. Therefore we are now declaring end of life of Aventurin{e} 6105R and urge the remaining few customers who have not yet migrated to Aventurin{e} 6106R to do so at the earliest opportunity. Upgrade to a newer Aventurin{e} version is possible at no cost. Purchased licenses for 6105R will also work on newer Aventurin{e} versions. Thank you!

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Mar 31, 2013 Category: General Posted by: mstauber
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