Oct 14, 2011

Aventurin{e} 6106R

Development for Aventurin{e} 6106R is now well underway.

Category: General
Posted by: mstauber

We are pleased to announce that the development for Aventurin{e} 6106R is now well underway. The first Alpha version ISO image has been rolled up and the server installed off it is now carrying several productive VPS's just fine.

New features of Aventurin{e} 6106R:

  • Base OS: Scientific Linux 6 (64-bit)
  • Ability to virtualize VPS's using not only OpenVZ, but also KVM.
  • Combined installer for Aventurin{e} "Standard" and "Cluster".
  • Ability to turn a "Standard" into a "Cluster" later on.
  • New backup/restore procedure for VPS's, including keeping multiple versions of backups and storing them on unprivileged FTP or SSH accounts elsewhere.
  • New partitioning scheme.
  • Faster and better GUI management for VPS's.
  • Ability to run both 32-bit and 64-bit VPS's on the same box.
  • Ability to run non-Linux VPS\'s through KVM based virtualization.

That's it pretty much in a nutshell.

The main source code of Aventurin{e} 6106R is based on the latest BlueOnyx 5108R sources and the modules needed for the virtualization aspects have been rewritten mostly from scratch. Some parts of the virtualization GUI are still under revision and are - at this time - in the final stages of shaping up.

As of this time we don't yet have a solid release date for Aventurin{e} 6106R in mind, but it should be available within the next couple of weeks. So watch these news for further announcements of the development progress.

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