6109R: Daemon 'webvnc' added

We just published an update that addresses reliability issues of the web based VNC access via the GUI.

On 6109R both CTs and VMs can be accessed via VNC, provided VNC access has been configured for them. VNC is then reachable with a VNC client on the master node via the specified VNC port of said VM or CT.

Additionally VNC access is possible via the GUI in your browser:

In order for that to work the GUI forked a process that launched a websocket. The plugin noVNC then used this websocket to establish a VNC connection and to render the results via HTML5 methods in your browser. However: This GUI initiated "on-demand" forking of websockets wasn't as reliable as we would have liked. It also took a moment too long to be really comfortable.

Therefore with todays update the RPM base-vserver-webvnc is installed and it adds the new daemon "webvnc". It will be enabled by default. This daemon periodically checks all running VPS's to see if they have VNC enabled and if so, it will make sure that the proper websockets for GUI based VNC access are launched. It also monitors the presence of these websockets roughly every three minutes. Should a websocket fail prematurely, then the daemon will have it restarted automatically.

On VPS creation, deletion and modification the service "webvnc" will be restarted to make sure that the present websockets accurately reflect your needs. This daemon also logs status information to /var/log/messages, so you can see what it does and when it does it.

Dec 14, 2018 Category: General Posted by: mstauber
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